Answers to your questions

Is it safe?

We love babies. So of course it is safe. The Home Baby Scan Machine has been developed by a team of midwifery specialists, specifically for parents at home. The intensity of sound waves used is less than in the hospital. 

What if I see something strange?

You’re not the only one who worries about this. But we can reassure you: Home bbay Scan users tell us that they feel reassured by using the Home baby Scan. They experience even less stress during their pregnancy. After all, seeing the baby move, makes you feel comforted. Please keep in mind that the Home Baby Scam is only for fun and no replacement of a medical specialist.

Can I really do this myself?

Yes, definitely! That is where it’s designed for. Of course you don’t have the skills of a medical specialist, but the Home Baby Scan is very easy in use. You can recognize the spine, hands, feet, head and heart, perhaps after a little search first. That is so much fun!

What is the image quality?

Please realise it is a device for home use. That is why you can’t expect the image quality of the hospital. However, we do receive a lot of happy, grateful messages about the videos that are made. Several factors play a part in the image quality you get.